5 ways to change your mindset to help you do business during COVID-19

5 ways to change your mindset
5 ways to change your mindset

The times we find ourselves in have forced us to evolve and think outside the box, and has ultimately flipped the way we do business on its head. Business owners have been forced to adapt or risk losing business and most of us have. But how do you move forward? How do you stay positive and embrace these new changes? The answer is obvious and yet we still struggle to see what is right in front of us. We need to change our mindset together with the way we do business. What we maybe don’t realise is the fact that the one fuels the other. The way we do business and the systems and processes we put in place to adapt to our new Covid-19 world, is done by researching and reinventing our business. We turn to the experts and we throw the old plans for 2020 out the window and start over with a new vision. But changing the latter can prove to be tough for even the strongest of business owners.

Here are 5 ways to change your mindset to help you do business during the pandemic:

  1. Accept – The world has changed. We need to accept it. And yes it’s easier said than done, but without acceptance we will block our own creativity in the process to rewire our brains and it will ultimately hinder our progress. A majority of South African businesses and businesses around the world have seen their profits and productivity decline or take a sharp decrease. We were never really ready for the economic impact that this pandemic brought, but we need to accept that the damage has been done and it is up to us to take action and accept that we need to find new ways to help our business thrive. Accepting that your business has taken a knock, will only help you move forward and inspire you to put new systems and marketing in place to ensure that you are ready to face the challenges that come with it.
  2. Relate – So often we isolate ourselves from other business owners because we feel too ashamed to share our failures or challenges. We are too scared to be vulnerable and talk about these challenges and how it makes us feel because we don’t want to come across as weak. But what we need to realise is that we are so much more powerful and impactful when we share and relate with one another, especially during these times. Hearing that you are not alone, and that other business owners share in the fears and challenges you may have will help inspire you to push through. This is why groups like ActionCLUB are so much more than just learning and business coaching with me. It’s the community around it that makes it so powerful.
  3. Plan – Believe in the power of having a written plan. As soon as you put something to paper it becomes a tangible reflection of your thinking process and it helps alleviate stress and uncertainty. It helps you to feel less anxious, because the future and plans of your business are not unsure anymore.
  4. Affirmations – Saying positive and inspiring quotes every day has been proven to put you in a better mood, relieve anxiety and set the tone for a positive life. Write down things that inspire you, your goals, your vision and anything that helps you live a positive life and put it up where you can see it every morning e.g. your bathroom mirror. It will improve your outlook and mindset on yourself, your relationships and ultimately your business.
  5. Attitude – As difficult as it may be, it’s important to change your attitude towards yourself, your business, your team as well as your customers. People have suffered a massive set back and spreading positivity will help us all help each other move forward.

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