Bringing back the spark of your business through Business Basics

I know I have personally gone through that stage in my business where I feel as if I am in a loop. Having your own business should be rewarding daily, it should excite you. If you are in that loop and feel you are about hit a dead end in your business and not sure how to go from here, then Archer Inspirations Business Basics are for you.

Now, I am not going to be selling the program to you, however, I will be giving the reasons why going through a program just like it, will give you that spark you need again.

Business Basics Programme

  1. We start at the beginning, with the end in mind
    It is easy to forget the reason we go into business. Many people are driven by the financial freedom it provides, however, with money being the result, do you remember the true reason you made this step? A legacy, a reason to be remembered. Now, that sounds more rewarding than any money could purchase. Remembering your purpose, having a clear mission that you stand by on a daily, well that will spark anyone to start a business, but mostly, to work hard it daily.
  2. Managing Money
    We are learnt the basics of finances – ‘income, expenses & what I get to take home.’ This is not the worst basics to know, it is at least a start, however, you will find yourself constantly Just Over Broke. Being constantly worried about finances or not understanding them, well that will take the spark out of anyone. Being made aware of understanding so much more on finances and how to actually manage them, encourages you just to make a sale, just so you can enter those details in your cashflow.
  3. Selling yourself & your business to the audience
    Marketing is more than just posting pretty pictures on your business page, even though some may disagree. When you are pitching a sale to a potential client, you are also pitching yourself as the business owner. We are not all ‘sale-born people’ but when you are running a business, sales & marketing is the key to success. Knowing the right keys and formats to marketing & sales and how to get those 10 “no’s” to a “yes”, will make any ‘sales-born’ person want to learn from you.
  4. You cannot expect your team to have a spark if you do not
    There is nothing more demoting than trying to get your team to sell when the boss, is not encouraging them. Whether you are still wanting to grow your team or already have one, allowing your team to also know what the vision and purpose of the business is, will spike the motivation to grow the business with you. Being taught the right tools to implement in your business to have a successful team is exactly why a business owner needs to go through a program.
  5. Leveraging Systems
    I can personally say, I implemented systems in my business before I even had my first client. Since 2017, these systems have worked for me and continuously do so. I have never felt overwhelmed and unsure how to make a sale or to complete it. Now, systems are more than just the invoice app you have on your laptop or the automated response on your emails, a lot more than that. I truly believe any business owner needs to be aware of the systems they could implement in their business to make the business work for them and not them for their business.

Now I have personally gone through this program, multiple times, and each time I remember something that I have forgotten with running the day to day of my business. Each time I go through this program, through the fundamental basics of business, there is a spark of energy lit in me to make a difference. It is time to go to basics, with a new spark of energy, with the end in mind.

The Archer Inspirations Business Basics program will do all this for you and more and we have a program constantly running. Get in touch with us if we can help get a business owner excited for their business again.

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