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Female Solopreneur Business Basics

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Female Solopreneur Business Basics

This is a programme that is designed for business owners who, understand their skills, their products or their services. They have been running their business for a year or two, however they need some form of formal training in business understanding.

This programme, which runs for 9 months, is designed to work on 8 different key areas of your Business, that you need to master as a business owner.

Each month, we work on one of these, online with a 2-hour learning session. This is followed up 2 weeks later with a support 1 hour session online, making sure that you are implementing what you have learnt into your business and have mastered your new skills. So, you not only learn new skills, but also have the support you need to implement them one at a time, without it becoming overwhelming.

This is ideal for start-ups and self-employed business owners who find they are doing a bit everything in the business and want to become successful at each section in the business .

The areas covered

  1. Your Purpose – Vision, mission and purpose

The reason you got into business can become blurry once you have hit some bumps. Through this session, we clarify the big “WHY” by breaking down what is your vision for yourself and your business, how to get to that vision through your mission. The purpose of it all – beyond just putting money in the bank.

  1. Managing Money

how to set up a cashflow, manage and use effectively to ensure your business success. We break down how much you and the services your offer is worth. Setting up a clear cashflow system and services charged will already make the difference in your business

  1. Marketingthe how, what and when

Having a marketing strategic will bring the results you have been looking for. We go in depth on the effective ways to marketing (beyond Social Media) that has been proven to bring results.

  1. Sales – how, what and when to sell

Being a Solopreneur, we need to know how to Sell, our business relies on it. However, not everyone is born a salesperson. That is ok! After this session, you will have all the knowledge, and confidence, on how to sell your services.

  1. Team – building a team

A team is more than those you wish to employ one day. Your team is everyone involved in your business. Being a Solopreneur requires you to be everyone in the business from the service provider to the bookkeeper and even sometimes to the cleaner, however, you do not need to be an all-in-one business owner forever. With the right tools and plan, you can get the right people to join your business without the stress.

  1. Systems – the backbone of your Business

Without systems, it will all fall apart. It may seem as if systems are not required for a Solopreneur, however, a successful business run by a Solopreneur, runs off systems! We go through the different systems that are needed in the business, how to implement those systems and have them successfully working for you.

  1. Leverage – a continuation on the system, do the work once and earn from it forever

we go back and look at what you have learnt over the last 6 sessions. Leverage is all about doing the work once and reaping the benefits of it thereafter. Do the work once and make money forever.

  1. Goal Setting – how to set smart goals for you and your business

In this session, we go through the goals you have set for your business and yourself and how to successfully achieve these goals in the time you have set.

  1. Graduation

Receive your certificate for the sessions you joined or for the program with your fellow Solopreneurs that have gone through this journey with you.

Business Coach

Cherish Parkes

I started my beauty business in 2017, and felt all alone. I was amazing at what I do, but when it came to running the business side of things… well, I felt completely lost. 

That is when I was introduced to a business coach, and I knew that to be as successful as I want to be, I would need to reach out for help, and I did exactly that.

I now help the beauty industry to be successful and for the industry to stand out in South Africa! 

I got so involved with serving my customers and juggling day-to-day tasks that my long-term business plan went out the window. I quickly realised that to achieve my vision I needed to focus on more than just the areas I was good at and pay attention to the stuff that slips through the cracks.

Now I help start-up business owners who are extremely talented within their specific industry get to grips with the ins-and-outs of running a successful business.

If you are a struggling business owner within the niche industry of “Beauty and Health“, then I can help.

Course Agenda

1. Your Purpose - Vision, mission and purpose

13 March 3pm – 5pm

27 March 3pm – 4pm

2. Managing Money - how to set up a cashflow, manage and use effectively to ensure your business success

11 April 3pm – 5pm

24 April 3pm-4pm

3. Marketing, the how, what and when

8 May 3pm-5pm

22 May 3pm -4pm

4. Sales, how, what and when to sell

12 June 3pm – 5pm

26 June 3pm – 4pm

5. Team, building a team

10 july 3-5pm

24 july 3-4pm

6. Systems, the backbone of your Business

14 Aug 3-5pm

28 Aug 3-4pm

7. Leverage, a continuation on the system, do the work once and earn from it forever

11 Sept 3-5pm

25 Sept 3-4pm

8. Goal Setting, how to set smart goals for you and your business

9 Sept 3-5pm

23 Sept 3-4pm

9. Graduation

13 Nov 3-4pm

Reserve your seat!

The cost of the FULL course (9 sessions from March to November) is R12 000 per person. 
Alternatively, sessions can be paid for separately at R1500 per session per person. 

If you have missed out on booking for this event, please view upcoming events by clicking HERE

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