According to the dictionary’s description “MINDSET” is “the established set of attitudes held by someone”

What does this mean to us and what then is “attitude?”

Again, according to the dictionary’s description “ATTITUDE” is “a settled way of thinking or feeling about something”.

It appears we can’t have the one without the other, we are constantly reminded to have the RIGHT mindset and a POSITIVE attitude.


The conclusion: Mindset is EVERYTHING.


We are the business owners, whether we are the income generators or part of the process, our mindset will most certainly have an impact on our decisions and contributions.

How can we ensure that we stay focused and positive when we might be constantly getting side-tracked by challenges and mishaps?

Between the research, one thing seems to be the alpha and omega of it all:

Input equates to Output

We are the custodians of our current situations, everything we are entertaining and experiencing now is the outcome of previous thoughts, experiences, strategies, and learnings. We may not be able to control the actual events however we can control our reactions and our decisions.

When served with a low blow or even the devastating blow of a loss, we can either give up, or get up. At times we might even need to change direction, but we should keep moving to achieve what we set out to do.


Take stock of where we are positioned currently and take responsibility for our part, this may be easier said than done because this could be quite uncomfortable and in certain instances painful.


Reflect on the original desired outcome, re-focus on what it is that we set out to achieve. Life as we know it, for now, has changed and we might need to reconsider what it is that our desired outcome is.


Realise what we need to change and accomplish to have a healthy balanced relationship within ourselves and our business. What we “fill” ourselves with daily, today will contribute to our future decisions and responses. Vital for us to make the conscious decision to take control and create daily and constantly on the outcome that we have established that we desire.

By taking control of our input, we will most certainly have more control of the output, and in the bigger scheme of things will ultimately define the outcome achieved.

The way forward to assist in taking control:

A healthy mind delivers, this speaks to the overall inner and outer care of our bodies. We need to care for the minds host, which is the body. What we put into our bodies and how we care for the outer body has a direct impact on the mind’s functionality. It is difficult to picture an uncared-for body hosting a HERO mindset.

A happy mind delivers, this speaks to the constant thoughts dwelling in their home: yes – our mind. Captivity and the hosting of thoughts are extremely important to ensure that we can remain focused and positive when challenged. It is difficult to picture negative thoughts contributing to the problem-solving and creative HERO mindset.

A knowing mind delivers, this speaks to the constant learnings needed to strategise and empower us and our business. We need not know it all, however knowing that a department or service is required to progress, will assist the decision to employ or outsource. It is difficult to picture an outdated process or strategy being a part of a HERO mindset.

A community-based mind delivers, this speaks to our business and social interactions. We to be aware of who features in our inner circles as we become like whom we interact with. No need to discount other social groups, however it is beneficial to seek out like-minded people to ensure that our input remains positive and beneficial. It is difficult to picture interacting inharmoniously with others as dysfunctional to a HERO mindset.

Careful consideration of these aspects concludes the understanding that zero to HERO is not a switch that can be switched on or off, nor an overnight waving of a magic wand.

Rather a process, to be STARTED and continued with focus and determination to achieve the HERO mindset.

Three simple words for us today:

Let’s just START ….

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