Mentally Strong People : 7 Things They Avoid

Mentally Strong People
Mentally Strong People

We know how important it is to fuel our bodies for it to perform at its peak. We know that it takes a combined effort of healthy eating and exercise to reach and maintain this peak. But something we always seem to neglect is our mental health in this equation. We forget that it is the combination of the physical and the mental, that will ultimately lead us to be the best version of ourselves and to help us to perform optimally. But how do you become mentally strong? Particularly for entrepreneurs, numerous articles talk about critical characteristics of mental strength—tenacity, “grit,” optimism, and an unfailing ability as Forbes contributor David Williams says, to “fail up.”


However, we can also define mental strength by identifying the things mentally strong individuals don’t do. Here are 7 Things they avoid:


  1. They don’t avoid change – Mentally strong people embrace change and they welcome the challenge. This doesn’t mean that it doesn’t come with its challenges, but their fear is not the unknown, but rather becoming stagnant and complacent in their business.
  2.  Waste Energy on Things They Can’t Control – Mentally strong people don’t complain (much) about bad traffic or especially about other people, as they recognise that all of these factors are generally beyond their control. They acknowledge that they need to focus on those factors that they can control, and they purposefully put their time and energy into those areas.
  3. Dwell on the Past – It takes a strong person to acknowledge their past and especially to own their mistakes and failures. It doesn’t come easy, not even to mentally strong people. But what makes them strong is how they learn from their past mistakes and how they don’t dwell on their failures. Their efforts are put into pushing forward and working toward the life they want to live. They only focus on their future.
  4. Resent Other People’s Success – It shows someone’s true character when they can feel honest and true joy for the success and wins of others, especially when they themselves are perhaps not in a strong place and could be dealing with failure. Mentally strong people have this ability. They don’t become jealous or resentful when others succeed (although they may take close notes on what the individual did well). They are willing to work hard for their own chances at success, without relying on shortcuts.
  5. Give Up After Failure – Every failure is a chance to improve. Have you ever heard of the quote; “Never a failure, always a lesson.” Reread it. Take it to heart. Remember it or write it down somewhere, because truer words have never been spoken. Even the greatest entrepreneurs are willing to admit that their early efforts invariably brought many failures. Mentally strong people are willing to fail again and again, if necessary, as long as the learning experience from every “failure” can bring them closer to their ultimate goals.
  6. Expect Immediate Results – Mentally strong people know that expecting immediate results will only bring them down in the long run. Whether it is a new strategy or business that you are trying to get off the ground, good things require patience and will take time. You need to be “in it for the long haul”. Know better than to expect immediate results. They apply their energy and time in measured doses and they celebrate each milestone and increment of success on the way. They have “staying power.” And they understand that genuine changes take time.
  7. Waste Time Feeling Sorry for Themselves – You don’t see mentally strong people feeling sorry for their circumstances or dwelling on the way they’ve been mistreated. Even though this is challenging for most of us, this is the most crucial thing to remember, you can’t dwell on things that are out of your control. Don’t waste time feeling sorry for yourself because you have failed or things didn’t yield the results that you were hoping to achieve. Regret is the thief of joy. Don’t regret your failures, yes it is difficult and yes you feel challenged in every possible way but mentally strong people will turn this into their next opportunity. They are able to emerge from trying circumstances with self-awareness and gratitude for the lessons learned. When a situation turns out badly, they respond with phrases such as “Oh, well.” Or perhaps simply, “Next!”


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