At the start of any new journey there is a process to be uncovered. The process you face and create is of your own design with the support and guidance of those around you. Here we learn to trust the process of self-discovery where success is designed by your own hand.

The Beginning

Just like any start to a story, the scene is set and the character becomes defined. For this thought experiment I will take you on the journey of a surfer, waking as the sun starts to rise decorating the sky in colors only those who wake early enough, have the pleasure to meet.

Stretching out our weary bodies, taking a deep breath to welcome the new day, we gather up what is needed for the journey to the beach. It has become a natural part of our day as we have experienced it many times before.

Only this time, we head to greet the waves of process, uncovering new experiences and understandings.

Where it all began

As all things begin, we have been practicing the art of surfing with the goal to ride within a barrel. The first couple days were simply learning the art of getting onto the board on the scorching sand; no it was no easy feat.

The time it has taken to build the upper body strength to climb seamlessly onto the board, learning how to paddle out into the ocean and having many moments of breaking through the mental barriers that seemed to be accumulating. The instructor in all their wisdom reminds us time and time again, should we fall and get caught in the current of the wave, to relax and allow the flow of the water to carry us back to the surface to try again.

One pivotal desire has kept us on the path of discipline and process… to ride out into the expanse of unknown and ride the waves of change.

The journey

Geared up in our surfing gear, grabbing onto the surf board we make our way toward the relentless ocean waves. Taking a breath of the crisp ocean air, we wade out into the water, embracing the chill of the oceans unknown wonder.

Guiding the board over each wave, feeling the rush build as we set our sights on the calmer waters that lay beyond the breaks, we push forward. Heading deeper in, diving below the surface as the waves become larger is a welcomed experience of feeling into the calm below. Surfacing we find we are closer to our destination where others await for their own opportunity to ride out into their own barrel experience. Wading out to the calmness beyond the break, meeting with others who are gearing to ride the waves of opportunity, there is a sense of humbleness within the group.

The unspoken understanding of what was required of each person to be where we gather. All the time it took on the scorching sand, the tears and mental barriers trying to convince one to stay exactly where they are or simply give up. Here there is simply acceptance, where no judgement exists or desire to change the flow of the undercurrents, it just IS.

The ride

Uncovering a new sense of connection, not only one with the environment, more importantly the connection to self. You feel a pull to take a chance on the next swell, allowing the anxiety or should we call it excitement, to flow through your body like the water flows to the shore line.

Taking a deep breath you prepare for the push. That one moment in time where action becomes your calling card. Laying out on the board, allowing your arms to be the guide, trusting the current to move you in the direction you seek.

The momentum builds and feeling your intuition guiding you to take your stand, mustering the courage you find your feet firmly placed on the board as the rush of the wave propels you forward. Breathing in the release of the rolling wave, using the muscles you’ve trained for this journey, you place your hand out caressing the water in gratitude for the experience. Becoming playful, you start guiding the board to joyfully ride up and down the current as the barrel you asked for starts to form.

The wonders of the Barrel

Staring in disbelief, a rush of adrenaline reminds you of the goal you set out to achieve. Maintaining your focus, the crashing wave embraces you as it returns the playfulness of endless wonder.

Knowing the power of such a wave has the ability to put you straight in hospital, you find yourself in a trance. Time stands still…

Aware of how your body guides the board, how the wave flows around you and the only sound is that of your heart beat drumming in time with the wild ocean.


The Fall

As law would have it, what goes up must come down. In a split second your concentration breaks as the sound of cheering greets you. Unable to maintain your focus, the barrel consumes you.

Caught in the unforgiving power of the wave, you begin to thrash against the current. Fighting with the relentless movement you are greeted with a sense of silence, where your intuition becomes the leading force, reminding you of the skill repeated by your instructor: “Relax and allow the current to take you back to the surface.”

It dawns on you, that precise moment, where all teachings and lessons come to a head. Fighting the current will not take you to where you need to be, relaxing into the flow will be your guide.

The Rise of Choice

Breaking the surface you take in a renewed breath of air, filling your lungs with life once more. Having more clarity of mind, body and soul you find the choices that lay before you.

  1. Deciding to head back to shore and try again the next day.
  2. Heading back out to have another attempt at clearing a barrel.
  3. Having achieved riding a barrel, you call the surfing journey off.

Now understanding that any choice you make is to simply accept the experience offered and the courage to make a new choice that will offer a different result.

In Conclusion

The journey through life as we know it, is like facing the waves of change, where we get to challenge ourselves to ride out into the unknown armed with different experience, that in turn creates the results. Acceptance of what is and of what is to come is a SUPERPOWER each of us has yet to unlock.

Are you ready to unlock your full potential?

Reach out to me on to uncover the courage you possess to achieving your success.

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