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The word ‘consciousness,’ seems to still scare people a bit, as if it is some faraway, spiritual concept left to the gurus, high up in their mountain retreats or in churches, as the custodians of our spiritual wellbeing, to contemplate silently on our behalf. Consciousness goes hand-in-hand with mindfulness, awakening and other spiritual awareness concepts...
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There is only so much time in the day. There is no way to store it or borrow more for later use. Here are 8 time saving tips to busy business owners. The only person who can decide what to do with your time is you. In order to make your life more valuable, you’ll...
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Redefining Failure
Redefining Failure. What is failure? What does it look like? How do you know you’ve failed? Failure according to many is the lack of success and when we fail, we feel terrible and discouraged. Some people fail and blame themselves; some people fail and blame everyone else. Failure is a terrible word; we all try...
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Business Owner or Service Provider? When it’s just you, and you’re running everything in the business from marketing, bookkeeping to working with the clients, it’s hard to know when to put which hat on. When we are not sure when to take a certain hat off, well, it can damage our business. Time and time...
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Small Business, stop ruining it for others I know that I may offend some business owners with this blog, however you should only be offended if you are guilty of these points below. Please read on, this can only help you make a change for the better and therefore make a better living. Being a...
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Finding customers is not as difficult as you think. One of small business biggest challenges is ‘Where do I find customers?’. Now you may wonder how a business coach is going to help you find customers. A business coach is going to make it simple by working with you to break the process down into...
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Something new… where to start? Starting something new can be exciting or daunting. In the beginning, when it’s just a thought your mind runs away with you, you think of all the best things like making more money and expanding your horizon and shortly after starting you are faced with the reality that it is...
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Hero YOUR comfort zone – rising above the hum drum If you are not currently stuck in your comfort zone, then this is certainly not for you, and I would like to say: “well done to you.” If you are stuck in your comfort zone, then this is an interesting topic for your consideration and...
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Cancellations and No Shows
Cancellations & No Shows – An Owners Biggest Loss. Being in the beauty industry for over 3 years, well, you deal with a lot of disappointment from clients. It is something that is never discussed out loud, and owners refuse to face the truth about clients cancelling or not showing up. In every business, from...
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Tracking your goals.. are you keeping up? As we prepared and set our goals for the year at the end of last year, or else if you procrastinated, you only did this early in the new year. Did we ever consider and/or anticipate the real curve balls? Amongst the normal day to day running of...
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Being a business owner is the dream of so many individuals, yet they often only have a dream, Kenny helps them to Envision, that dream with a plan, and will keep them too it, no matter what life throws at them. Kenny will keep Inspiring you along the way, so that those dreams and become a reality, so that you can Achieve what you set out too.

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