If You Accept Defeat, Then That is What You will Get.

The above saying hit me dead in my eyes a few weeks ago and I must be honest, it has changed my way of thinking and I hope it will change yours. I noticed the conversations I was having with others, and most of them were negative in a way. People have begun to accept...
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How to Improve Your Customer Service in 3 Steps

Great Customer Service in 3 Steps Customer service is one of the most important aspects of any business. It can make or break a business, and it’s something that every business owner should take seriously. Regardless how good your product or offering may be, slip up here, it could be the end of the game...
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“Go big or go home” is said; to be bold, to go all-out, experience something to the fullest or to be extravagant. For some the idea can be overwhelming, the birth place of imposter syndrome and freeze mode. In order to bite away at this statement, we need to look at how the smaller changes...
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Lift Your Head!

As a business coach, I have way too often seen business owners get stuck in the hustle of business. When we get stuck with our heads down, we often miss the beauty of the view if we looked up. The moments we aren’t keeping our heads down, we are chasing after something that we don’t...
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The Power of Routine

The power of Routine Routine by definition is a sequence of actions regularly followed. The deeper dive into what a routine is, is made up of behaviours and habits we have created over an extended period of time. In order to formulate a new routine we may need to have a look into what behaviours...
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Confidence is Not the Goal

How often have we been sold ‘confidence’? How long have you worked up the confidence to finally do something but never feel confident enough to do it? If you had to search confidence right now – I can guarantee you that there will be pages and pages of links on how to create confidence and...
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Vision Boards

Making a vision board that works for you

Vision Boards – How to best create and use them If you have ever worked with a business coach, mentor, counselor or even some therapists, most of them make you create a vision board. I personally make my clients create a vision board once we have worked a few months together, and at first, the...
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The Pearl of Wisdom

“The world is your oyster.” How many times in one life time have you come across this quote? Let’s dive into the overwhelm such a simple quote can bring about during or after completing school, deciding on a career path or starting that business that made others question your ability. First, let’s explore an oyster,...
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Running a small business – Is it worth it?

There is one thing not many small business owners want to admit or talk about around the table, and you have probably thought it yourself but thought it was only you, so you kept it to yourself. It is a question we ask ourselves as owners perhaps weekly, if not during certain seasons, daily. When...
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Shedding The Old: How To Rebrand Yourself As A Woman

Creating your own brand as a woman. “Like a sword in a sheath, her brilliance stays dormant. Like a bow in a quiver, her power stays invisible, Like a pea in a pod, her worth stays small. Like a trapped animal in a cage, she awaits permission to be freed. Like a butterfly in formation,...
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