How hard are you pushing your business?

Push your business

So, really, how hard are you pushing in your business?

The tone of how you asked yourself this question in your head is the answer to the question. As a coach, I am not afraid to step on my clients toes – and believe me, as a business owner – you need someone stepping on your toes (even the baby toe!). This question is one I asked myself a few weeks ago because I haven’t been getting the results I want. When I asked myself this question it came with that parental tone when you use to get asked, “Did you finish your homework??” That gave me my answer: I AM NOT PUSHING ENOUGH. Of course, the next question that came to my head and a question I would ask my client – Why? That why? became more of a scary question than the first and I realized the answer was: fear.

I commonly hear (and go through the emotions myself) that some of you are not happy with your results you are getting but you are also not pushing as hard as you could. Now, I am not saying you are not working the hardest or hustling constantly or putting all your energy everyday in this business you have created. However, we need to be honest on what is stopping you from getting the results that you really want – that emotion that stands in the way and even though it’s an emotion, it can be one of the most powerful business killer. It all comes back to fear. Fear of failure, fear of vulnerability or even fear of success.

Not pushing hard enough will never get you the results you want. The fear of the outcome is mostly the reason people don’t push hard. I struggled always with this, my brain telling me if I just get one or two sales this week, it will motivate me to do more but instead, that fear-voice in my head tells me, “You were lucky to even get those two.” Sound familiar? Well, I am sorry to say that fear-voice… is our own BUT the great thing is that that voice can be made quiet.

To begin to change how much you are pushing in your business is to rethink how you are looking at all of it. I promise you, by changing your thinking, you will change the results in your business. So how do you do this? Your mind is a powerful tool. Your mind, your greatest tool is also your biggest downfall if you allow it. Start your day with positive affirmations. I know you have been told this so many times but that is because it works. A secret to your affirmations is to break the fear-voice. If your fear is to do phone leads, allow your affirmation to be: “I am great at sale calls.”

Another fear that a lot of business owners like us go through is not being busy. We spend so much time making sure we are busy so that if we aren’t getting the results we want, it’s not because we were sitting on the couch watching Netflix. However, are you just looking busy? How much of your day is spent on tasks that are going to give you results? How much time of your day is spent on sorting out what you going to be spending your time on? Everything you do, every day, as a business owner should be tasks that aligns with your goals. If it is not aligning to achieving your goals, ask yourself, why I am doing this & do I need to do this. By changing your mindset to being healthy busy that gives you results – you will achieve the results you are looking for.

Now, if you have asked yourself the question, how hard are you pushing in your business?  in the tone of empathy and worry – you are feeling close to burnout. I have been there too. You feel so guilty because you prayed and worked so hard for you to be where you are in your business, but you are just at the point of where you are worried for health. IT’S OKAY TO NOT BE BUSY. Read that again. I know as a coach, you probably never thought I would say this but if you are getting the results you want, you have overcome the fear of success (congratulations to overcoming that), take the time to appreciate your hard work.

Why did you start your business? – the answer to this question is your reason to pause and take all the work you have put in your business in. If you are at that point of pushing yourself to hard, you are going to be unable to be present fully not only in your business but in your personal life too. A sign that you are pushing yourself is if at 1 a.m. in the morning you are thinking about what you can do to do more or if you are at a family braai and you’re laughing at one of the kids are monkeying around but deep down you are thinking you should be infront of the computer doing anything that is work related.

We put such high standards of ourselves and our business. Are we pushing too much or not enough? Are we doing everything in our power or are we fearing results. We got to ask ourselves this question on a weekly basis to check in or get someone to keep you accountable by asking you this question once a week. Let me be the first this week: So, really, how hard are you pushing in your business?

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